Settle to Carlisle Railway
(Contains 2 photos)
Settle to Carlisle Railway portfolio
Ullswater Lake, Cumbria
(Contains 18 photos)
Ullswater Lake, Cumbria portfolio
Penrith, Cumbria
(Contains 12 photos)
Penrith, Cumbria portfolio
South Downs National Park
(Contains 21 photos)
South Downs National Park portfolio

The majority of theses images have been incorporated into the South Downs National Park books which have been published by Sussex Past in 2013.
Crummock Water, Cumbria
(Contains 3 photos)
Crummock Water, Cumbria portfolio

A selection of photographs from the 50th Anniversary Lord Birkett Memorial Race held on Ullswater,Cumbria on 7-8 July 2012.
Carlisle, Cumbria
(Contains 12 photos)
Carlisle, Cumbria portfolio
Eden Valley, Cumbria
(Contains 18 photos)
Eden Valley, Cumbria portfolio
The Solway
(Contains 2 photos)
The Solway portfolio
Lewes, East Sussex
(Contains 7 photos)
Lewes, East Sussex portfolio
Birling Gap, East Sussex
(Contains 3 photos)
Birling Gap, East Sussex portfolio
Rockcliffe, Cumbria
(Contains 7 photos)
Rockcliffe, Cumbria portfolio