Hello! I'm Russ Oliver and I have been taking aerial photographs for more than 20 years, using remotely-operated aircraft.

My aircraft are specially designed and built for aerial photography and have the advantage of being quiet, small and cheaper to operate than full-sized aircraft. They also have a tiny carbon footprint that cannot be matched by their full-sized counterparts. As they operate well below the height of a full-sized aircraft, they also gain a more intimate view of the landscape.

Until recently, much of my work has been for research purposes, such as agricultural surveys and archaeological recording.

I have now assembled a range of images from my 'airscapes' collection. Airscapes are a collection of atmospheric and ephemeral landscape photographs taken throughout the year, which capture a true 'bird's eye view'.

I hope you enjoy the results and please do not hesitate to contact me for further details.

Russ Oliver


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